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Random survey. Cause I can. And this stupid site told me to put in my login info, did nothing and then posted the code. Changing password? Right noooooowwwww.

1 Long Good Survey
Created by ahsgrl and taken 637 times on Bzoink
Basic Stuff
Name: Staci or the Manson Chick
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Dark Red
Eye color: Brown
Shoe size: 10
Hometown: Longmont
Movie: The Crow
Song: So many
Singer / Group: Deathstars or Marilyn Manson or Behemoth
TV Show: Family Guy
Food: Pizza
Soda: Vault
Dessert: Pie
This or That
Coke or Pepsi: Both, still can't taste the difference
Tennis Shoes or Flip flops: Tennis shoes if they're relatively close to skater shoes
Hot or Cold: Hot
Fall or spring: Spring
Winter or summer: Summer
A/C or windows down: A/C, when the weather gets really hot, the wind tends to be hot air
Preps or geeks: Geeks
Looks or personality: Personality counts but looks help
Lights on or off: Off
Inside or outside: Outside
football or basketball: Neither
Boxers or briefs: Briefs?
Comedy or horror: Horror
Hair up or down: Down
Tee shirt or tank top: Tee Shirt
Jeans or shorts: Tripp pants. XD
Car or truck: Jeep. Fuck some of these answers, I'm making my own
Black or white: Black
Rock or country: Metal.
Love or money: Love
Soup or salad: A sandwich. Gotta love being the rebel and defeating the purpose of this part of the survey
Cheese or pepperoni: Cheese
Chocolate or vanillia: Chocolate
Random Stuff
Do you like pina colodas: Never had one
Have you ever been drunk: Once upon a time
What is your dream car: A scarlet red Mercedes convertible
Do you have a gf / bf: At the moment I do
Are you easily amused: Kinda
Is your name shaliqualanda: 0_o? No?
Are you gay, straight, or taken: I didn't know taken was a sexual orientation. I'm sure he or she meant bisexual but got confused with another question. In that regard I'm bi.
What time is it right now: 1:17 AM
Where are you: My room
Is anyone there with you: I wish
Have any nicknames: Manson Chick
More Favorites
Color: Neon green
Sport: Fuck that
Team: Fuck that with a metal rod
Vacation Spot: Idk?
Day of the Week: Any day I have off in the week
Number: 69 and not just for its dirty implications. It's a cool looking number
Your Friends
Best: Trinity
Known the longest: Mai, Ty
Closest: Trinity, Mai, and Ty. lol
Trusts you the most: Trinity
You trust the most: All of them
Most shy: all of my friends are pretty outgoing but Trinity can be a bt shy
Most outgoing: A lot of them
Knows the most about you: Trinity
Possible bf / gf material: Trey but he's already my boyfriend anyway, maybe my ex Scott too, or Matt.
Have you ever
Done something illegal: No
Smoked: Cigs? Yes, and i still do
Drank: Once
Been in love: Oh yes
Skinny dipped: No
Been in a wreck: No
Skipped school: Couple times
Gotten into a fight: Not physically
Had surgury: No
Gotten stiches: No
fallen asleep in school: Once. and I was trying too hard to stay awake.
Been out of the country: No
Snuck out of your house: Yes
Lied to your parents: Yes
Had a broken heart: Yes
Broken someones heart: Yes
Sat on your roof: Yup
Prank called someone: Ja
Laughed so hard you cried: I have
Slept under the stars: No
Done something really stupid and gotten hurt: In which sense?
time you were out of state: I was like 8
Kiss: Zaid.*shudders*
Car: Can't even drive one yet
Slowdance: Never had, quite sad
Pet: Three cats growing up
Crush: Some kid in middle school
Movie you saw: Blade
Person you talked to on the phone: Spencer
Shower: last night
Time you went shopping: couple days ago
Thing you drank: Water
Thing you ate: Popcorn
More random stuff
Star sign: Gemini
piercings: Eyebrow, left cartilage and both my ears
tattoos: Take This Life in Olde English on the back of my neck
Scars: Plenty in various places
If you could change your past what would you change: Butterfly Effect? Pass.
Who do you want to be with right now: Trey...
Do you have a huge secret: Maybe but if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret now would it?
Are You...
Smart: Most days. XD
Polite: Try to be
Funny: Unknowningly most of the time
Talkitive: For the most part
Preppy: Fuck no
Redneck: Yeah, no.
What do you notice first about the opposite sex: Personality and eyes
Do you want to have kids: Hell no
If so what are you going to name them: Fuck you
Do you have any fatal diseases: No
Do you fantasize about anyone: Trey and random celebrites
Do you collect anything: Not really
Have you ever thought of becoming a prostitute: I've joked about going on the Bunny Ranch. Would be good money but I'm not a fan of STDs or exploiting oneself for money. Sex, for me, is something intimate and in my opinion, should only be with someone you know and care about
Do you like Canadian ppl: Sure
Ever shot anything: No
do you have any strange obsessions: Not that I can name right off the bat though I do have that weird obsession with things that are neon green
Do you like to touch sharp objects: Sometimes. ;D When I don't cut myself accidently on said sharp object.
Are you really bored right now: Kinda
How often to you get on the computer: Too much
Do your parents know you have a myspace: My parents are friends on my myspace
Have you rever had a migrane: I have them constantly
Do you have AIM: yes
Ever watched paint dry: No
Do get along with your parents: Yes
Do you play any instruments?: Sorta
Are you an idiot: Some days. XD
Do you txt a lot: Yes
Could you live without your cell phone: Not really. lol
your computer: Definitely not. XD
Do you put on an act around your friends: Sometimes
Do you have a happy place: Yes, and random german goth boys play Manson and death metal and serve me brownies there....naked. ;D
Do rainbow monkeys make you happy: Rainbow monkeys? Dude, that sounds awesome! Where can I find rainbow monkeys?! XDD
Is your room messy: Yes! XDD
Do you believe in santa: Not anymore
The tooth fairy: No but my mom kept me going for a while
the Easter bunny: No
Do you believe that everything revolves around money: These days, pretty much
looks: It can
Making urself happy: Somewhat
Making others happy: Somewhat
Your perfect bf/gf
Hair color: Black, with maybe a couple nice highlights of a different color, like red or green
length: Long, real long
Eye color: Blue or green
Clothing style: Goth, totally
Funny or serious: A happy mix of both
Height: 6'2 at least
Body type: Doesn't have to be skinny but I don't want a gordito either
Shy or outgoing: Outgoing
Kiss you often: You bet
Tell you that they loved you often: Yes
Hobbies: Anything he wants
What would you do together: Hang out, socialize, *ahem* other things
Would they call you just to say they loved you: Yes
Right Now
How do you feel: Blah
What do you smell: The air
Hear: My computer
What are you doing: this
Are you cold, hot, or comfortable: Comfortable but very sick
What are you wearing: Clothes
Are you IMing or txting anyone: no
Are you tired of this survey: Not really
What time is it now: 1:35 AM
Just because abbie says so
Greasy or not: Idk?
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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Memories In Time
It's always funny when some little thing you're looking at brings you back to your old journal. And you look back at the things you've written and wondered what you could've done differently. Or you look at the little links you posted to things you found so hilarious at the time only to forget about months later and when you come back to it after that, it's suddenly so funny again.

Things change and shit happens in just the stretch of a year or even a few months. I looked at the last entry posted and saw it was from way back when I was still with Matt. Funny how it doesn't seem that long ago.

Eh, can't say i really feel like going into detail at life at the moment. New relationships, new job location and I have to say it's going the long route right now. Time are tough but eh, fuck, what are you going to do? Life sucks then you die right?

This would be about right

Matt and Staci
  • Trying to conceive a stylish kid.
  • Hope to play all kinds of games after dark.
  • Are metaphorically attached at the hip.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

Something I stole from Sara's livejournal.

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Now, since I haven't posted in five thousand years here's the news; for Halloween, I was a blind clairvoyant and yeah, stuff was cool. I have a cavity in my mouth and I smoked a cigarette for the first time. Yeah, I feel like shit now so I'm damn well not trying that shit again.

Oi, an update hasn't come in forever
Well, I'm back in school now so that shouldn't happen. Let me fill you in on the story of my summer. Well, first, the biggest thing of 'em all that happened was that Zaid and I got back together. Yep, we did, not sure what anyone makes of that. It's just....I felt that we were meant to be together and I just feel so lonely and unhappy without him. My life doesn't seem complete without him. I know, for me, that's a silly little sixteen year old thing to say but, for me, it's the truth. I hope this time we can make it work. (We're going on a month now so I'd consider myself in the safe zone for now) And, well, I discovered that I'd been hating myself and punishing myself for every damn thing that happens to me. Well, I have to elaborate later, the bell has rung. LATER!

And, well, there isn't actually much for me to elaborate on. Eheheheh, sorry! Oh, well. Hey, guess what people? Other people are voting me Homecoming Queen!

All I've got to say is....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I changed my icon, Mike! Woo-hoo, Vincent rules!

Final Fantasy 7 Gang Going Nuts!

This is as funny as hell! WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Check it out, if you don't, you're a loser and missing out on something REALLY FUNNY!!!

It's been a while
Yes, yes, I apologize for not posting in eternity but a lot of things have been going on lately. Allow me to fill you in......

I discovered the greatest high school depression and drama of my life when I aquired a boyfriend about four months ago to this day I believe. Anyway, we dated for a while (three weeks to be exact) then the asshole tells me he wants to break up. Naturally, this sends me in a crying fit and feeling like he just slapped me in the face. We stopped talking to each for about a month and a half then, we decide to be friends again. A half a month passes and it's two months since we broke up and I find he's going with ANOTHER girl (what a manwhore!) This makes me worried for the girl since he'll probably dump like he dumped me. So far, things are all right with them and everyone reassures me that my susipicions are meaningless but, still, I worry. I actually decided to be a lesbian (go me!) after he dumped (just to change the subject a bit) me and now I feel happy and worried at the same time. Weird, isn't it?

In other news, I recently dove back into playing my favorite video game as a child, Mortal Kombat. All I need to do is get a PS2 and I'll be playing like mad. Drama auditons are coming up and the play of choice is Harvey. I hope I get a good part, wish me luck!

Who cares about class?
Haha, I'm in class and I'm supposed to be doing my work but instead, I'm here posting on my livejournal. Actually, I'm already done with what I'm supposed to be doing so I'm doing this. I had trouble getting to school this morning. I thought I had left my small separate backpack full of CDs at home and I was already halfway through my route to school. (I walk to and from school) So, I ran all the way back home, then, I realized I had already had my CD backpack with me. GOD, I'M AN IDIOT!!!

Tsk, tsk, I'm a stupid fourteen-year old highschool freshman, I'll never learn.

I decided to take a random band suervey.

*&*Bands Yes or No*&*

Created by lonelylyssa and taken 514 times on bzoink!

.x.Yes or No.x.
Linkin ParkYes
Simple PlanNo
Good CharlotteNo
A Perfect CircleYes
CKYNever Heard
MetallicaOh, yeah, old school Metallica
Limp BizkitUm, no
Dark LotusWho?
The UsedMaybe
12 StonesNo
Alien Ant FarmNo
Blink 182No
Bon JoviNo
Bowling for soupMaybe
Dashboard Confessionalno
Dave Matthews Bandno
Staindold staind, yes
Eve 6Who?
Fall out boyWho?
Finger Elevenno
Guns and RosesYes
Ill NinoYes
Incubusin between
Iron MaidenPerhaps
Jack off Jillnever heard
Jurassic 5no
Lost ProphetsMaybe
Marylin MansonYES, YES!!!!
Matchbox 20No
Maroon 5No
Minor ThreatNo
Puddle of Muddno
No DoubtOld stuff, yes
Ozzy Osbourneuhhh.....
Pearl JamNo
Pink FloydYes
Powerman 5000Yes
Red Hot Chili PeppersNo
Rage against the MachineYes
Rise AgainstWhat's the difference?
The White StripesNo
The Hivesno
The Vinesno
Smile Empty SoulYes
Sneaker PimpsDid they perform with Manson once?
Something CorporateNo
Stone SourYes
Sound Gardenno
Story of the Yearno
Sugar Cultno
System of a DownYes
Taking Back SundayNo
The DarknessFUCK NOOOOOO!!!
The OffspringYes
Three Days GraceYes
3 Doors DownSome, yes
Unwritten LawWho?
Vertical Horizonno
Yellow Cardno
Third Eye BlindNever heard
The Living Endnever heard
Smashing PumpkinsSure
Smash Mouthmaybe
Black Sabbathmaybe some
HIMThey're not too bad
Social DistortionNever heard
Harvey DangerWho?

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Booyah, I got one of these livejournals! But, I'm not so happy right now. In fact, I'm rather pissed off. Some kids are making fun of my hero, Marilyn Manson. A kid just gave me a picture of him and theey wrote FAG on Manson's stomach in the picture. Assholes. Manson rules the fucking Earth and you shall all bow down to his greatness! Seriously, these people need to shut the hell up if they can't handle him. Oh, by the way, this journal is Friends Only. I don't want random people reading my shit. If you want, you may comment, if I like you, I'll add you.


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